‘Safety & Security Training Centre artist impression’



 A brief summary about the possible facilities of such a training centre:

  • Terrain security (fence, access control, working dogs, access-/terrain guards, sensoring, cameras, etc.) providing total terrain control including control room training and control room facility management
  • Vehicle security (vehicle underside scanning/inspection/digital recording), automatic vehicle numberplate recognition/recording, vehicle profiling, etc.
  • K10 (dog) training (in a broad functional variety, such as: guarding, searching and finding of victims, drugs, explosives, etc.)
  • Natural Disaster/Incident handling (searching/rescuing victims, damage control, handling hazardous infrastructures, etc.)
  • Maritime education and training ( wide variety functions and skills, harbour handling training, simulators, logistics, etc.)
  • Helicopter (platform) handling (flying support, static/dynamic flight safety, incident handling, etc.)
  • Facility for theoretical/practical schooling and training (variety of theoretical and practical training for safety & security purposes, such as mentioned in this article, together with control room and intelligence schooling and training)
  • Facility for fire fighting training and incident handling (advanced simulations with facilities for remote control with realtime intervention  within the incident environment)
  • Facility for schooling/training industrial/chemical plant incidents (advanced simulations with facilities for remote control with realtime intervention within the incident environment)





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